My name is Lahcen, I was born in the desert and together with my Italian wife Silvia organize tours in the desert of Morocco.

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Walking, camel riding, by motorcycles or 4x4 .
Morocco can be reached quickly but it seems infinitely more distant in time than in space. In a few hours you will arrive in Marrakech but the nearest airport is OUARZAZATE, the last town we can call it before the long road to the South.
From Ouarzazate the DRAA Valley appears along the river. Sandcastles between the palm-trees, turbans, date's fruits and smiles lead us to ZAGORA.

Zagora is still an importat starting point for people who wanto to leave to the sweep of sand, following the scent of the old spices.

The first night in the Sahara gives you precious gifts. In the air clear like a crystal the Milky Way lights your dreams and you feel everything is far away.

The Berbers, with their blue turbans, teach us the silence of the desert.
Their origin and their language are almost unknown and are handed down only through their words and their songs sung at tribal rythms;
  Different rythms, a different time, forgotten things that you can find in the desert.