According to the time at your disposal and to places you prefer to visit
we can organize your trip as you want.
Otherwise you can choose between our proposals.
Draa Valley Map
We propose:
  • Flight from Italy to Morocco with arrival in Marrakech or Ouarzazate

  • Transfer to Zagora

  • Transfer to the camp located at the beginning of the desert between the first dunes.
    Our camp offers Berbers' tents to sleep (with beds, mattresses, cushions and blankets); a bathroom tent (with shower, wash-basins and mirrors) and a restaurant tent (with tables and chairs).
    The electric lighting is provided by two electric current generators which you can use to put your mobile on charge (or any other electric or electronic dispositive).
At the camp we offer relief
.... to people who need relax in the colours of the silence people who want to visit the desert of Sahara

From the camp your tour can be organized as follows:
Sahara in famiglia

     A tour with your family to discover the desert of Morocco.

Look at the video


Bimbi che giocano all'accampamento
Children on the dunes	at Che gagÓ

Visita ad una kasba nella valle del Draa

In Carovana

THE CARAVAN TOUR  with camels is designed to be accessible for anyone
and in particular for people who likes to live in the nature
and are happy to renounce for a while to the comfort
taking a breath of fresh air in the total silence and PEACEFULLNESS!

An exciting experience you can do in three different ways:

  • Walking (the camel will carry your package) through the desert using your own strenght (reccomended to trained walkers)

  • Camel riding.  The mytic desert ships will carry you to the discover of a new world.

  • With 4x4. The equipped off-road vehicles will carry you through the desert in total safety.

Tour motociclistico

For group of expert motorcyclists: running on the tracks of Atlas Mountains towards the desert, with the escort and assistance following by 4x4

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Consigli pratici

Things you should bring with you:

a light baggage = the minimum required.

  • Clothing
    • Sportswear and comfortable shoes or sandals
    • Day time:
      • summer clothing
    • Night time:
      • sweater or sweatshirt and jacket
    • In November and December you need winter clothing and a winter sleeping bager
  • To sleep  (in December and January the temperature drops to 5░)

    • sleeping bag
    • flashlight
  • Always with you:
    • medicines for routine use
un aiuto per le famiglie berbere
During our tour we will meet Berbers who lives in caves and ancient kasbah (sand castles) near the desert and other families who travel through the desert with tents and animals: the Nomads!

You can repay their hospitality in the desert bringing things that seem useless for you, but could be precious for Berbers: like shoes, clothing (especially for children), sleeping bags, backpacks.